DCLG Change Their EPC Advertising Advice

A new advice document from the DCLG on EPCs was published a few weeks ago. Interestingly, there is no reference to the need to show the Energy Rating Graph in advertising. Previous DCLG guidance documents had clearly stated that the graph should appear in advertisements ”where space allowed”!

Now the only reference to advertising the energy rating comes on page 8 and it simply states –

“The energy performance indicator of the building as shown on the EPC, for example, C, must be stated in any advertisements in the commercial media.”

There is no mention of advertising the energy rating graph in any of the EPB Regulations, neither do the Regulations mention anything about “where space allowed”. The old advice was wrong, but it would not have been sensible to go against their advice.

I suspect that the guidance was based more about what DCLG would like to have seen agents do rather than what their obligations were.

Given the old guidance, my advice to clients had been to add at least the graph to property particulars and websites, as these two advertising mediums did allow the space in most instances.

The new document now gives correct guidance, but it is quite a big shift and so it is disappointing that it has been quietly changed without any publicity.

There will be cost savings for agents now that they can remove this graph from property particulars and websites, but there is nothing to stop agents continuing with current practices. If you show the graph or the front page of the EPC on property particulars continuing to do so will mean you are compliant. If you show the graph, the front page or the full EPC on websites and portals you will again be compliant.

The full 21 page guidance document can be viewed at A guide to energy performance certificates for the marketing sale and let of dwellings or a simple guidance document is available here. EPC advice leaflet July 2014

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