Money Laundering Compliance Pack

Working your way through the complex obligations in the Money Laundering Regulations and the HMRC requirements is at best, stressful and difficult.  Putting everything onto practice to ensure your agency complies is even worse.

The implications for breaching your ever-changing legal obligations and failing to meet the also ever-changing requirements of HMRC can result in large penalties.

Compliance-Matters now have the complete solution.

Our Compliance Pack and online Platform give you everything you will need to meet your obligations and we also give you support by answering your compliance questions.

What is in the Pack

Regardless of the size of your business, the pack provides everything you will need –

  • Online money laundering training for all staff to meet your obligations
  • AML Policy Document to meet HMRC requirements
  • AML Procedure Document to assist all staff and meet HMRC requirements
  • Advice for colleagues on meeting customer due diligence obligations for a wide range of different types of client
  • A Business Risk Assessment Form
  • Additional documents to assist with compliance 
  • NCA Registration details
  • Full Instruction on how to implement and use the pack

Need some extra help with your AML Compliance?

We've partnered with Intelligent Compliance specifically to help estate agents make their day to day Customer Due Diligence compliance easy! Head over to their website to book a free demonstration today.

The platform allows you to meet your seller and buyer customer due diligence obligations conveniently in one online portal -

  • Obtain title documents and title plans in seconds*
  • Customer risk assessment tool
  • Customer risk assessment report
  • The report includes advice on the ID confirmation options available
  • Upload facility for ID documents
  • Obtain an online seller or buyer ID confirmation report in seconds*
  • Obtain an online PEP Register and Financial Sanctions report in seconds*
  • Online storage for all the documents, ID confirmation and reports
  • Instructions on how to make a Suspicious Activity Report
  • A link to the National Crime Agency to make a Suspicious Activity Report
  • A free AML adviceline

*Fees apply

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