Money Laundering Compliance Pack

We now have new Money Laundering Regulations which place even more burden and responsibility on agents. The implications for breaching your legal obligations and failing to meet the requirements HMRC require can result in large penalties.

Most agents do want to comply; however, compliance is not simple. It can be a complicated process to ensure all the HMRC requirements are met.

Producing a policy and procedures document needs some expertise in the legislation and obligations and it can be a time consuming process.

The statutory training requirement under the new Regulations is another difficult obligation that agents often miss, but we have it covered.

Our Compliance Pack provides online compliance training for ALL your staff.

In fact, our Compliance Pack it gives you everything you will need to meet your obligations, including advice on the steps required to ensure you comply with your customer due diligence obligations.

We also give you support by answering your compliance questions.

What is in the Pack

Regardless of the size of your business, the pack provides everything you will need –

  • Online money laundering training for all staff to meet your obligations
  • AML Policy Document to meet HMRC requirements
  • AML Procedure Document to assist all staff and meet HMRC requirements
  • Advice for colleagues on meeting customer due diligence obligations for a wide range of different types of client
  • Free trial of online client ID verification checks
  • A Business Risk Assessment Form
  • NCA Registration details
  • Full Instruction on how to implement and use the pack