Complaint Handling

This is a list of the agencies that can investigate your activities if they choose, or if a complaint is made –

  • Trading Standards Officers;
  • One of the 3 Ombudsman Schemes;
  • HMRC;
  • The Competition & Markets Authority;
  • The National Trading Standards Estate Agents Team;
  • The Advertising Standards Authority;
  • Local Authority Housing Departments;
  • Environmental Health Departments.

They receive thousands of complaints about estate agents and letting agents each year.  The Ombudsman Schemes alone received around 18,000 complaints & enquiries in last year.  The numbers will only increase, due to increases in legislative burdens & our ever increasing compensation culture.

Whilst most were not justified, significant numbers resulted in formal investigations & awards to the complainant.  These complaints will have occurred because of some form of failure by the agent or due to an incorrect response or offer of resolution. Getting the right advice is therefore going to be essential to help reduce your risks of formal complaints and thus reduce your costs.

And remember, this is only the Ombudsman!

Customer Complaints

Given the large increase in the risk of having a complaint made against you it is best practice & expedient to ensure customer complaints are handled quickly & expertly.

We provide you with an option for doing this, which also helps take away some of the worry & stress involved.  It gives you the best result possible & helps reduce the risk of a formal complaint being made to any of the Authorities.

If you should receive a complaint contact Compliance Matters immediately and we will provide –

  1. FREE advice on whether the complaint is likely to be justified
  2. FREE advice on what action you should undertake
  3. Assistance in preparing responses to the complainant
  4. Assistance in dealing with a formal Ombudsman complaint
  5. Assistance with introducing measures to avoid similar complaints

Complaints to Enforcement Agencies

These complaints can be the most difficult to handle and the most damaging. It is therefore essential that the complaint is handled correctly right from the start; this means taking action as soon as you are made aware of the complaint by the agency concerned.

Contact us at this point and we will then handle the situation on your behalf and lead you through the steps required to ensure the best result occurs.

We will advise you on what powers the officers have, if any. We will assist you with, or handle, informal discussions with them & correspondence.

Where formal Police & Criminal Evidence Act interviews are requested we will lead you through the process, as well as prepare you for the interview by putting together all relevant information to assist your responses to any questions the officer may ask during the interview. We will also attend the interview with you to ensure all appropriate information is put forward.

Ultimately, our aim is always to obtain the best possible result for our clients, in any situation


David's Philosophy

My clients take compliance matters very seriously and I have spend many years working proactively and reactively to provide them with cost effective solutions. My success is based, not only on the unique expertise I hold, but also around my ability to balance the need for compliance with commercial reality. Whatever your needs, I am happy to discuss them and the services we can offer to meet them on a no obligation basis. Email me at or ring my office on 0161 727 0798

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