Compliance Manual

There is an ever increasing list of compliance obligations & so leaving it all to chance is a risky business strategy.

More & more agents are now looking to protect their position by not only making sure there teams are professionally trained, but also ensuring they provide adequate instructions to ensure their team knows what to do; how to do it & when to do it.

To do this correctly, professionally & provide the required due diligence audit trail agents need written instructions & this is best done by means of a Compliance Manual.

These manuals also help your team grow in confidence, because by following this reference & instruction document they know they are doing the right thing; they know they are compliant; they have no worries about putting the business at risk.

Agents can & should produce such a manual themselves, but few do, due to the time & resource implications involved in starting with a blank piece of paper & attempting to end up with a workable, simple & straightforward set of documents.

The best & cheapest option is to let us do it for you.

It takes us around 2 weeks to produce it & you will end up with a useful practical set of documents that will fit exactly around your current practices & procedures. It will provide you & your team with the instructions you all need to help ensure compliance with ever legal, statutory, due diligence & Ombudsman requirement, as well as some best practice processes.

Whether it’s making sure you pass on details of all offers;  ensuring you do not omit material information, through to handling situations where you accept offers but leave properties on the market the manual will be everyone’s guide.

For further information contact Compliance Matters. We will get back to you very quickly.

David's Philosophy

My clients take compliance matters very seriously and I have spend many years working proactively and reactively to provide them with cost effective solutions. My success is based, not only on the unique expertise I hold, but also around my ability to balance the need for compliance with commercial reality. Whatever your needs, I am happy to discuss them and the services we can offer to meet them on a no obligation basis. Email me at or ring my office on 0161 727 0798

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