Terms of Business Review

It is evident from experience & the results of enforcement action across the country that estate agents continue to use inadequate terms of business/contracts that fall considerably below the level required for even basic compliance to the Estate Agents Act, let alone the numerous other legal requirements.

  • Estate Agents Act
  • Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations
  • Cancellation of Contracts Regulations
  • Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations
  • Money Laundering Regulations
  • Business Names Act
  • Companies Act
  • Data Protection Act
  • The Property Ombudsman’s Code of Practice/OS:P Requirements
  • Plus much more

Did You Know?

  1. Contracts that breach the requirements of the Estate Agents Act can mean that enforcing the contract and obtaining your fee is impossible!
  2. Consumer clients do not need to pay you if your contract does not contain the statutory wording about their cancellation rights!
  3. If your contract terms are wrong there are criminal offences with possible fines of up to £5,000!
  4. Contract terms that do not completely meet the requirements can trigger action by the National Trading Standards Estate Agents Team against you.

Have you ever Read Your Terms of Business?

Experience shows that very few agents, and in particular employees, have ever read the terms of business that they sign & get clients to agree to.

These are the terms under which you enter into business with your client and without it you would not be able to operate.  As such, ensuring you get it right & understand the terms is imperative.

Compliant ‘Terms of Business’

We can conduct a review of your current terms & update them quickly, easily & at a fraction of the cost other legal advisors would charge.

Simply click here for a copy of our compliant agreement set-up form. Help in completing the form can be found here.  Once complete email the form, together with a copy of your current agreement to us. A basic review currently costs from only £200 + VAT; however, more complex reviews can incur an additional charge, but we will always discuss this with you before proceeding.

The review is normally completed within 1 week and your amended agreement emailed to you in ‘Word’ format, which you can then adapt into your own company style.

David's Philosophy

My clients take compliance matters very seriously and I have spend many years working proactively and reactively to provide them with cost effective solutions. My success is based, not only on the unique expertise I hold, but also around my ability to balance the need for compliance with commercial reality. Whatever your needs, I am happy to discuss them and the services we can offer to meet them on a no obligation basis. Email me at david@compliance-matters.co.uk or ring my office on 0161 727 0798

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